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The Power Behind a Community of POCUS Volunteers

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has revolutionized healthcare, and in doing so, it has reshaped the medical community.

In recent years, POCUS has increasingly become recognized by healthcare workers and patients alike as a standard for higher care and a distinction of credibility. It has proven to be instrumental in rewriting the narrative of patient care. As its benefits have transcended the traditional field of imaging and radiology, its growth has been propelled by the very people it benefits.

On their journey to impact healthcare and ensure that quality treatment is accessible on a local and global scale, medical professionals’ efforts to use POCUS to make a difference extend beyond the diagnostic setting and into the realm of volunteering.

Spreading POCUS Knowledge on a Global Scale

As the well-known proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” states, it is the community’s responsibility to create a safe environment for children to learn and grow in. Similarly, for POCUS to be effectively employed and generate the biggest impact, it takes a community of healthcare professionals to come together to produce change with this modality.

Medical workers are engaged continuously with POCUS in academic and professional settings. As its technology improves and its use increases, it is up to the healthcare community to form an environment where subject matter experts ensure that accurate, up-to-date knowledge and training about POCUS is accessible.

There are two key channels this information is shared through: the classroom and volunteer opportunities. The academic setting entails the traditional professor-student relationship associated with teaching and learning, while volunteer opportunities engage subject matter experts around the globe.

The landscape of volunteering with POCUS benefits the medical field as a whole, the individual volunteer who is sharing knowledge, and healthcare professionals who are looking to join the mission of providing better care with POCUS.

Creating a Village of POCUS Subject Matter Experts

Known for their certifications and educational opportunities, the POCUS Certification Academy™ (PCA) recognizes the value that volunteers offer in engaging and educating in POCUS. As a result, PCA launched its volunteer program in 2012 and has seen it grow exponentially since it began. With volunteers representing over 100 countries, their volunteers play an instrumental role in building a POCUS community and developing their certifications.

In their efforts to advance POCUS worldwide, PCA shaped their volunteer program to fit the needs of the volunteer leaders they partner with.

How to Join the POCUS Volunteer Community

In selecting volunteers, organizations like PCA partner with medical professionals who are subject matter experts with qualifications and knowledge that enhance the medical community Consequently, serving as a volunteer allows them to give back to the field they are passionate about and advance their individual career and reputations.

Concerning the busy schedule that many healthcare workers manage, PCA looks to ensure that time is not a barrier to joining the community by offering a wide range of highly customizable opportunities for volunteers to choose from.

Opportunities to Volunteer in the POCUS Community

PCA volunteers can engage in opportunities related to the three pillars of the organization:

  1. POCUS Education
  2. POCUS Certification
  3. POCUS Community Engagement

The mission to create a world where the highest quality of patient care is accessible globally requires a multi-faceted strategy that engages POCUS on a magnitude of levels. Therefore, when they chose to create their volunteer program, PCA looked to offer a selection of opportunities that would lead to the biggest impact.

Each of the three pillars provides numerous volunteer possibilities for subject matter experts to pick from, including volunteering as:

  • An Item Writer
  • A Media Contributor
  • A POCUS Ambassador
  • A Podcast Guest
  • A Blog Guest

With numerous choices and a program that offers flexibility, considering its volunteers’ professional schedules, PCA paves the way for volunteers to contribute to knowledge accessibility so POCUS can reach its fullest potential.

Are you a subject matter expert who is passionate about healthcare? Learn how you can volunteer!

Ready to get started on your POCUS journey? Check out our many certificates and certifications here

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