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POCUS Ambassador Program

POCUS AmbassadorsTM each represent a nation within the international community of ultrasound practitioners. Our dedicated ambassadors believe in the power of point-of-care ultrasound and are leading the mission to advance global healthcare through POCUS training, certification, and meaningful engagement through community-led clinical programming.

The Purpose of the Program

POCUS Ambassadors are leaders in global healthcare. As agents of change, POCUS Ambassadors are advancing healthcare systems in their nations by:

Creating Space

Building accessible pathways for learning and practicing ultrasound

Cultivating Culture

Integrating imaging into teaching curriculum, daily clinical practice, and limited-resource environments

Nurturing Meaningful Engagement

Empowering local providers to determine local needs and develop local solutions

Upholding Mutual Impact

Designing opportunities that support our ambassadors’ goals and drive our shared mission to advance healthcare

Meet Our 2021 POCUS Ambassadors

Meet Our 2022 POCUS Ambassadors

Ambassadors in Action

ambassadors in action 2v2
James scanning an ankle at the 2022 International Conference of
Emergency Medicine (ICEM) in Australia.
POCUS Ambassadors in Action
Carrie scanning a simulator at the 2022 Inteleos Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico.
POCUS Ambassadors in Action
Dr. Peng and his team discussing their pilot project in China.
POCUS Ambassadors in Action
Hastings scanning a simulator at the 2022 Inteleos Annual Leadership Training in Puerto Rico.

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