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We are dedicated to providing accessible POCUS education and certification packages for teams in diverse teaching and clinical settings. Our group and bulk purchase options are described below​.

POCUS Certificate & Certification Packages

Looking to certify an entire group?

Explore options for group certificate and certification packages.

Customized certification packages for groups of 10 or more

We’ve helped individuals from nearly 500 different organizations across more than 10 countries become POCUS certified. We can work with you to create a custom certificate or certification package to establish and promote POCUS best practices within your organization. Packages can be created with any combination of offerings including:

POCUS Fundamentals Certificate

Any of our >12 individual POCUS Clinical Certificates

Any of our six POCUS Specialty Certifications

POCUS Education & Certification Packages

Looking to bundle training and certification?

Explore preset packages that combine training by select POCUS Education Providers with POCUS certification.

Explore additional POCUS Education Providers

We partner with >15 additional organizations that provide high-quality POCUS training programs. Across the group you’ll find a mix of in-person and virtual training options hosted from a variety of locations throughout the US and globally. Whether you’re looking for introductory or advanced training across a variety of POCUS specialties you’re sure to find a program that meets your needs.

Are you a POCUS Education Provider interested in reaching a broad audience of POCUS learners?

Explore becoming a member of our PEP Program.

POCUS Device & Certification Packages

Looking to bundle a device with certification?

Explore preset packages that combine the purchase of a device with POCUS certification.

POCUS Simulation & Certification Packages

Looking to bundle simulation software with certification?

Explore preset packages that combine a subscription to simulation software with POCUS certification.

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