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The Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Academy is dedicated to providing accessible POCUS education and certification packages for teams in diverse teaching and clinical settings. Our group and bulk purchase options are listed below. These opportunities are designed for teams of any size.

Certificate and Certification Packages

Group and bulk purchase discounts are determined by the number of enrollments that will be purchased. Please refer to the graphic to determine your potential discount rate.

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Discount Rate Number of Enrollments
10% discount 10 - 20 enrollments
15% discount 21 - 50 enrollments
20% discount 51 - 100 enrollments
25% discount 101+ enrollments

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POCUS Packages

Zedu Packages

Education + Certification

These offerings provide clinicians with POCUS education and certification in POCUS Fundamentals, podiatry, lung, OB/first trimester, or emergency medicine.

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Device + Education + Certification

This package is designed for clinicians who are new or experienced in POCUS. With the POCUS Foundations Package, clinicians will receive a new handheld device, education, and certification.

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Additional POCUS Education Providers

Check out more POCUS Education Providers who offer education and training with the Fundamentals Certificate included in your purchase. Click the icons below to visit them, or click the button below to filter options on the PEP Homepage.

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