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Welcome to the Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification
Academy for Healthcare Providers

Through rigorous assessments and continual learning, our mission is to improve global health and to create standards of excellence in the field of POCUS while honoring the distinguished professionals who provide that care.

The POCUS Certification Academy exists because 84% of clinicians would recommend certification to ensure quality standards in the use of POCUS and over 140,000 of your colleagues from 139 countries are already on board.

The POCUS Certification Academy aims to empower all healthcare providers to get the best possible outcomes in their patient-centric organizations. The proper use of point-of-care ultrasound allows you to scan efficiently and accurately, leading to increased productivity while reducing risk to your patients and your practice.

We believe that the future of ultrasound is portable, mobile and provides exceptional results. If you are ready to join the future of healthcare, join us.

POCUS for Physicians

Our assessments are built for POCUS practitioners with real world examples

  • Based on actual clinical cases with engaging and modern educational methods
  • Focused on the assessment of core competencies that matter most
  • Built by experts in the field from multiple specialties and backgrounds
  • Credibility guaranteed by strategic collaboration and support from ARDMS® and APCA™
  • Can be tailored to your needs and specialization
  • Unique digital badging is available to highlight your accomplishments online


  • The Clinical Certificate and Specialty Certification programs in POCUS are available 24/7 from your own location and immediately know your assessment results.  The online POCUS assessments are convenient, affordable and widely recognized for distinguishing expertise and ability in POCUS.