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Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Guide

Your next steps for achieving mastery in the “stethoscope of the 21st century”

Why POCUS is the Diagnostic Tool for Leading Edge Healthcare Professionals:

  • Proven Technology: From physicians to emergency care workers to global health experts, practitioners around the world leverage proven ultrasound technology to provide effective diagnostic care.
  • Patient Centered: POCUS devices, in the hands of certified professionals, build patient understanding and trust through real-time feedback.
  • Cost Effective: Streamline diagnostic processes and reduce unnecessary procedures through effective use of POCUS in clinic, hospital, and frontline care settings.

How the POCUS Certification Academy Advances Standards in POCUS:

  • The POCUS Certification Academy was founded by Inteleos® which includes the Alliance for Physician Certification and Advancement™ (APCA™) and the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®), the standard bearer in ultrasound credentials for more than 40 years.
  • With the expert guidance of the POCUS Certification Academy Council Members, standards of excellence in POCUS use were established, and innovative certification and certificate solutions have been developed to meet the needs of global healthcare professionals.
  • The POCUS Certification Academy supports these credentials with a growing body of educational resources and a community of professionals passionate in the use of POCUS.

Why POCUS Credentials Advance Effective Patient Care:

  • The POCUS Certification Academy Council members consist of 9 subject matter experts committed to advancing the effective use of POCUS globally.
  • The POCUS Fundamentals Certificate addresses eight important content domains for understanding the operation and applications of POCUS and serves as both an educational course and assessment.
  • POCUS individual certificates and specialty certifications take the learning further through in-depth application and assessment of POCUS use

Join the Future of Health Care Today! Become POCUS Certified.

“The POCUS Certification Academy is the leading POCUS certification body with healthcare professionals represented in over 100 countries, paving the way with innovative, psychometrically-validated assessment delivery to give you real-world validation in POCUS.”

James DellaValle, MD
POCUS Certification Academy Council

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POCUS Fundamentals Certificate – Brief Overview

  • Combining learning modules and assessments along the way, this certificate functions as an introductory course in POCUS.
  • Foundational and complete, the certificate covers eight content domains and creates an excellent platform of knowledge for future POCUS specialization.
  • Learn more about the POCUS Fundamentals Certificate here or watch the brief overview video below.


Steps to earning your POCUS Certification 

Complete the Online Application Form

  1. Sign up for a MY POCUS account here.
  2. Once an account is created and you are signed in, select “Apply for an Examination.”
  3. Select your desired exam. Note: the POCUS Fundamentals Certificate must be successfully completed to be eligible to apply for specialty certifications.
  4. Confirm the attestations, purchase the certificate and complete the brief application form.
  5. Receive an email notification with exam link.
  6. Follow the link, log into your My POCUS account, and complete the exam.

To apply, you will need to receive your ID Number (sign up or log into your existing MY POCUS​ account) and complete the short online application. You will select the Certificates and/or Certification you wish to earn and attest that you meet the experience prerequisites.

This short video will walk you through the application process:

Additional support can be found at the following links regarding How to Apply and Preparing for your Exam


POCUS Individual Clinical Certificates

Advance your knowledge in the application of POCUS through one or more individual certificates offered through the POCUS Certification Academy.


POCUS Specialty Certifications

Consisting of a bundle of POCUS Individual Clinical Certificates plus a practical component of peer evaluations and video submissions, POCUS Specialty Certifications further validate an expanded level of expertise in point-of-care ultrasound procedures that focus on a particular medical specialty. Plus, Specialty Certifications save over 50% compared to the cost of purchasing individual certificates.


Additional Resources and Support

  • The POCUS Certification Academy’s Education Provider Program is a solution for medical professionals seeking quality, professional education and training in advance of completing a POCUS certificate or certification. Plus, course/education bundles are available both convenient and cost effective! Learn more here.
  • Blogs, webinars, video tips, podcast episodes and more are available in support of key POCUS content areas. Learn more here.
  • The POCUS Certification Academy hosts clinics and conferences in support of building and sharing best practices within the POCUS community. Learn more here.


For additional information or assistance, please email: POCUS@inteleos.org.

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