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Sonopathology of the Ankle Tendons and Ligaments

About Marc Schmitz:

During his MSc. at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Marc’s interest in functional human anatomy grew tremendously while dissecting and studying cadavers. It was here, that his interest in observing functional human anatomy in “real time” peaked, which led to the start of embracing musculoskeletal ultrasound.

After completing numerous courses and attending conferences on the topic, he started developing his own courses and SonoSkills was formed in 2010. Since then SonoSkills has taught its courses all over the European continent, as well as in North-America, Africa and the Middle East. The team consists of 25 expert trainers that speak over nine languages in total. Besides his work at SonoSkills he’s founder of Anatomy & Physiotherapy, a worldwide social physiotherapy platform and has been involved as head of department at the first ever Master of Science program dedicated to MSK ultrasound for physiotherapists at SOMT University of Physiotherapy. Marc’s goal is spreading the knowledge of ultrasound to all healthcare professionals worldwide.

When he is not teaching courses or developing new content Marc enjoys travelling and crafting his own beers.

Email us at POCUS@APCA.org for more information.


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