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The Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy Announces Doctors Without Borders as MissionPOCUS Selection for 2020

The Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™ announces Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, as the selection of their MissionPOCUS™ project for the 2020 fiscal year. As the third MissionPOCUS project since the initiative’s inception in 2018, Inteleos’ MissionPOCUS will award MSF a grant that will establish a pilot program between the two organizations to evaluate the possibility of integrating POCUS certification into MSF’s POCUS education and training processes. The pilot is focused on developing a unique POCUS certification that will translate across resource-limited areas, with the goal of expanding the proficient use of point-of-care ultrasound to clinicians around the globe. For the POCUS Certification Academy, the project is slated to lay the foundation for greater conversation and action toward the use of POCUS in rural areas, specifically in developing nations.

For more information about MissionPOCUS or the MSF Pilot, please visit pocus.org/mission-pocus. For more information about the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy, please visit www.POCUS.org. For more information on Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), please visit msf.org.


Inteleos™ is a non-profit certification organization that delivers rigorous assessments and cultivates a global community of professionals dedicated to the highest standards in healthcare and patient safety. Inteleos is the overarching governance and management organization for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®) the Alliance for Physician Certification and Advancement™ (APCA™) and the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™ which represents over 116,000 certified medical professionals throughout the world. Visit www.Inteleos.org.

The Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™ administers examinations and awards certificates in the areas of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS).  The Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Academy exists to provide physicians and advanced-practice practitioners the opportunity to collaborate in the shared mission of improving global health and setting the standards of excellence in POCUS. Visit www.POCUS.org.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) translates to Doctors without Borders. They provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Their teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff – bound together by a charter.  Their actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence, and neutrality. They are a non-profit, self-governed, member-based organization. MSF was founded in 1971 in Paris by a group of journalists and doctors. Today, they are a worldwide movement of more than 67,000 people.

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