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Cracking POCUS Education

10/29/18 A Cardiovascular Physician Assistant since 1997, the focus of Kollpainter’s career has been on endoscopic vessel harvest and post-operative patient care. Since its inception, Kollpainter has been involved with all aspects of endoscopic vessel harvest. He has been named a Diamond level harvester by Guidant, having... Read more »

Unlocking a New Paradigm for Healthcare

10/21/18 Dr. Dawson specializes in vascular and endovascular surgery and is currently with Baylor Scott & White Health in Central Texas. His clinical practice includes carotid artery disease, aortic aneurysm repair, and treatment of mesenteric and renal artery disease, venous disorders, diabetic foot problems, and other complex... Read more »

Left Ventricle Cardiac Case

A clinician uses point-of-care ultrasound to perform a cardiac scan. What is wrong with this image presentation? Is the left ventricle foreshortened? Answers: the gain is set too high the LV is foreshortened... Read more »

Cardiac Scanning

Watch the video below. Is this MAC or a prosthetic valve? Boost your POCUS proficiency. Register for the POCUS World Conference now! Answer: Prosthetic valve... Read more »

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