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Improving Global Health Through POCUS25

June 15, 2020 “POCUS25 is designed to be the core curriculum that every POCUS user should learn to be able to help a patient in need” - Victor Rao Victor Rao, MD is a radiologist and POCUS pioneer... Read more »

12 Benefits of POCUS

These 12 benefits afforded by POCUS are dynamically reshaping the world of medicine, providing a safe, effective imaging modality with a rapidly expanding array of applications. Discover more POCUS benefits through our POCUS Bytes Webinars.... Read more »

Mirror Image Artifact

This infographic reviews the basics of mirror artifacts for point of care ultrasound. Discover more POCUS applications through our POCUS Bytes Webinars. Mirror artifacts occur when there is a strong difference in tissue velocity When reflective... Read more »

Rush Protocol

This infographic provides tips for how to use point-of-care ultrasound for shock and hypertension. Discover more POCUS applications through our POCUS Bytes Webinars.... Read more »

Physician Recruiting in the Great White North

January 24, 2020 “In the smaller communities in Northern British Columbia, they are absolutely reliant on POCUS- there is no CT, there is no MRI- you’d have to fly someone out for those modalities.”~ Daphne Savoy Daphné Savoy... Read more »

Screening for AAA with POCUS

Screening for AAA with POCUS with Victor R. Rao, MBBS, DMRD, RDMS (APCA), Global Clinical Content Manager & POCUS Education at the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™. Key points include: Discuss basic anatomy of the abdominal aorta. AAA scanning technique How to... Read more »


Case Study: A construction worker was brought to the Emergency Department by his coworkers. According to them he fell from the roof after losing his balance while replacing the roof shingles. The patient is in distress and... Read more »

RUSH Exam Protocol

How can point-of-care ultrasound help with rapid ultrasound for shock and hypertension? Use the nmenomic HIMAP-"ED" to help you remember. Heart IVC Morrison's Aorta Pulmonary... Read more »

Transverse Aortic Measurements

Using point-of-care ultrasound for transverse aortic measurements. Aortic Transverse Do not mistake the IVC for the aorta. Aorta Longitudinal Color Doppler can be used to assess flow. AAA Transverse Measure outside to outside. Discover more POCUS applications through our POCUS Bytes Webinars.... Read more »

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