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Dear Volunteers, Thank You

At the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™, we have always believed that point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare community. Due to its ability to enhance physicians’ and patients’ experience by narrowing down diagnostic possibilities, providing faster answers, and improving other examinations, POCUS is repaving the standards in the healthcare field.

Along with providing free educational resources that share deeper insight and knowledge on this groundbreaking tool, our Certificate and Certification programs offer healthcare professionals the chance to showcase their knowledge and expertise surrounding the best practices in POCUS. In pursuit of our joint mission of expanding the knowledge and practical application of this modality globally, our community of volunteers is significant in helping us create an impact.

Representing over 100 countries, PCA volunteers are a driving force behind our efforts and are heavily involved in every aspect of our work. From contributing to our blog to developing our certificate and certification programs’ content, our volunteers help uphold our three pillars of POCUS Education, POCUS Certification, and POCUS Community Engagement.

Even in a year where the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created challenges, unknowns, and barriers that we have never seen before, our volunteers have remained committed to creating a difference with POCUS in their work and helping educate and grow the POCUS community.

As our new normal has shifted from in-person to digital school, work, and socialization, the importance of health and healthcare has moved to the forefront of our society. Essential workers across industries have played defining roles in helping keep our world going, and healthcare workers have and continue to be a vital part of our frontline defense against it.

In combating this pandemic, the ability to provide swift and effective diagnoses has been vital. Consequently, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has proven to be instrumental in the fight against COVID-19. Going beyond its traditional use in imaging, healthcare workers of different specialties worldwide have utilized the benefits of this small yet powerful modality.

Its use in fighting COVID-19 is one of many ways POCUS’s reach has extended beyond its original purpose to create a positive impact. The healthcare community is constantly finding new ways to ensure the highest level of patient care is practiced, and POCUS has a large role to play in achieving this mission.

Without our volunteers, our ability to see this mission through would be limited.  That’s why they are the heartbeat of PCA. We are so thankful for how our volunteers have positively enhanced our community and are overjoyed when we hear stories about how our partnership has benefited them. We have heard from volunteers about how their participation in our roles has given them individual recognition with employers and peers, as well as a sense of joy that comes from  the opportunity to give back to the POCUS community.

To the volunteer leaders who have a passion for advancing POCUS – We are truly thankful to each of you. Thank you for partnering with us, even in a year unlike any other, as our world would not be the same without you. There are not enough words to say thank you for volunteering with us. You are making a difference!

Please know how much we appreciate you and know we couldn’t do all that we do without you.


The POCUS Certification Academy

P.S. Are you passionate about the impact of POCUS and creating the highest quality of care? Click here to get started on your volunteer journey today!

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