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Imaging Innovation: Transforming Patient Care Through POCUS

We are only two months away from the premiere of the second POCUS World Conference hosted by the Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Academy™. The opportunity to gather with other POCUS users and educators to engage in meaningful conversations, share resources, and exchange best practice ideas is here! On September 16th – 17th, we convene leading POCUS experts to guide us through a virtual learning experience like no other. Imaging innovation and the revolutionary stamp it has inserted on the very fabric of medicine will consume every track, session, and keynote presentation scheduled.

We are gathering the medical community to explore how POCUS is nonstop in transforming patient care and how its unceasing innovation continues to eradicate limited access to healthcare. As a result, this pocket-size modality increasingly contributes to the life-saving efforts deployed by healthcare providers worldwide!

The impact of POCUS is not a one-and-done accentuated moment. Where it will take medicine is yet to be seen. POCUS deserves another round of our focused attention. Because its evolution is ongoing, we must be willing to continuously learn and grow from one another to progress in improving care for all.

The 2022 POCUS World Conference is designed to connect some of our industry’s most proficient and skilled professionals. The conference agenda is embedded with opportunities not only for attendees to listen and learn but also to ensure active engagement, networking, and participation ensues.

For example, A Live Interactive Virtual Hands-On POCUS Workshops for Faculty Development is one of the Small Group Discussions happening on September 17th. This learning session is a live and interactive virtual hands-on POCUS workshop that mirrors most of the learning occurring today. The COVID pandemic intensified the acceptance of virtual education and shifted traditional POCUS training to online environments. Virtual hands-on workshops were created using a butterfly teleguidance to ensure POCUS training would not be interrupted. In the comfort of their own homes or within small group settings, participants could now participate by scanning their own bodies or using a live model while receiving real-time, virtual instructions on how to improve their scanning technique.

The session’s host, Heesun Choi, has created and successfully conducted four virtual POCUS faculty development sessions focusing on pulmonary, cardiac, muscular skeleton, and head and neck scans. She adds this incredible experience to our 2022 POCUS World Conference roster.

Another Small Group Discussion for attendees to join, How to Deal with Unsatisfying Findings? Do I Tell My Patient? Or Not? This intimate forum encourages experienced as well as beginner sonographers to discuss the obstacles and challenges they face when encountering a negative prognosis. The daily finding of conditions such as no fetal heart activity for a mother unaware her fetus has died in the utero or discovering a suspicious cancerous tumor in a woman who had elevated BHCG and was referred for ultrasound expecting to receive a good report is hard to navigate. The question becomes, “Are you allowed to tell your patients? If so, how?”

This session invites attendees to hear from each other and obtain best practices on how to react when diagnosing the unexpected. Learn how to communicate with patients when delivering hard news and join a conversation where experienced sonographers share key strategies for dealing with such situations novice POCUS users may be unfamiliar with.

Discover for yourself all that this year’s agenda has to offer. We’ll discuss emerging trends, connect you with fellow experts for mentorship opportunities, and provide access to valuable POCUS education resources. Choose live sessions focused on clinical applications, technology, diversity and inclusion, or build the conference around your schedule with on-demand and poster presentations.

However you choose to show up, just know that being in attendance means becoming better equipped with tools and resources that will help expand your POCUS usage to improve patient care.

Explore the complete conference agenda at our website and learn how to register for this unprecedented global event!

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