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Honoring the Patient’s Experience

Patient care remains to be front-page news in our current norm. No matter how the world changes, the experience of being a patient is one every person hopes to come out on the other side with positive impressions. Receiving upstanding, personal, and effective patient support is expected when individuals consult their healthcare providers. Patients require to feel the confidence emanating from those who serve them, trusting healthcare providers to provide them with the best care available.

The Experience We Celebrate

Every year, The Beryl Institute hosts an annual celebration called Patient Experience Week. This moment is set aside in honor of the healthcare workers who influence the patient experience. It’s a time when the global medical workforce unites and rejuvenates while giving special recognition to providers who go above and beyond for their patient community. This commemoration of achievement is a fantastic way for healthcare venues to boost morale and show gratitude to all medical staff, for the noble service they deliver to patients, day in and day out.

During this week, we at the POCUS Certification Academy™ also celebrate point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) as a technology that enhances the patient experience. According to the results from the study, “Bedside Ultrasound Maximizes Patient Satisfaction,” POCUS enables physicians to achieve a quicker diagnosis, while patients enjoy a more rapid recovery time. Furthermore, POCUS improves patients’ perceptions of their healthcare providers.[1]

Thank you to all the medical heroes providing exceptional care through POCUS at the bedside. By doing so, you are elevating care, and embracing what POCUS has to offer while blending the element of physical touch in the patient experience.

Celebrating Patient Experience Week

Patient Experience Week couldn’t come at a better time. The Beryl Institute has planned this celebration for the week of April 27-May 1. However, it is also giving flexibility to those organizations that feel another time would better suit their needs in the current situation.

So if you’ve decided to join in for Patient Experience Week, your next question is probably, “What can our group do to celebrate in today’s climate?” There are many fun ways to incorporate this into your workspace, even in times of social distancing. Be sure to keep in mind the audience you are catering to when making your plans.

Suggestions for your Patient Experience Week Celebrations:

  • Make your entire celebration virtual! Set up a webpage completely dedicated to this special week.
  • On the webpage include educational seminars, daily challenges, motivational tips geared towards patient experience, and patient feedback surveys.
  • Make a space on your webpage for peers to spotlight others who demonstrate moments of superior care.
  • Host an online recognition ceremony for your team.
  • Deliver a special gift to express your sentiments towards your current patients.

Click here for additional resources to assist you in observing Patient Experience Week. [2]

Thank You

The POCUS Certification Academy™ encourages every organization to take part in this festivity. You deserve it! 2020 will always be remembered as the year our medical community exceeded the world’s expectations on care and redefined the patient’s experience. It is something to be honored.

The pride we feel watching our global medical army combat the COVID-19 crisis is tremendous and beyond words. We feel you. We’re behind you. We thank you for your continued work with patients everywhere.


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