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POCUS World United the Global Healthcare Community

Since the inception of POCUS World, the Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Academy™  has remained committed to the goal of creating an experience that would support the healthcare community, bring us together, and elevate the standards of care for patients everywhere. When we attended the first-ever POCUS World™ Virtual Conference on Friday, September 17, and Saturday, September 18, it was clear that they had succeeded.

This one-of-a-kind conference provided us with a channel to share and gain knowledge, cultivate connections, receive access to resources, form an international network, and much more. Some of the incredible opportunities the conference provided us with included:

  • Attending POCUS coaching and training sessions.
  • Learning from global thought-leaders and experts in the industry on the innovative applications of POCUS.
  • Meeting the manufactures behind the newest technological advancements.
  • Earning up to 14.25 14.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for live participation and up to 21 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for watching on-demand content.

The virtual format of POCUS World increased accessibility for speakers and attendees alike, and its mission spoke to our passion and commitment.

“It was truly a world conference,” said Dr. Victor Rao, the Manager of Global Clinical Content & POCUS Educator for the POCUS Academy, referring to how POCUS World united attendees and speakers from 53 countries. We experienced how POCUS transcends borders and is used across specialties to enhance healthcare by hearing from international speakers to attending session tracks with a global focus.

With over 50 educational sessions across three learning tracks focused on POCUS Education, Medical Trends, and Clinical Applications, we were given the opportunity to mold our conference experience to best support our professional needs. It also meant that no matter where we are in our POCUS journey or how we utilize this modality in our practice, knowledge and resources were awaiting us all

POCUS World provided us with unparalleled networking, educational, and professional development opportunities that will elevate us beyond the end of this conference. It united us as a community, advanced the implementation of POCUS, and elevated us in our professional and personal lives.

“The 2021 POCUS World Virtual Conference was a huge success,” said Torrey Smith, the POCUS Certification Academy’s Global Director of Certificate Assessment.

The success of POCUS World speaks loudly to the dedication and passion of the healthcare community. From the conference sponsors GE Healthcare, ThinkSono, and the Inteleos Foundation, to the POCUS Academy’s team, to the speakers and attendees, we all played a role in elevating the inaugural POCUS World to the heights that it reached.

As members of the healthcare community, we have the power to keep the spirit of this event alive by continuing to engage in the education and implementation of POCUS. The POCUS Certification Academy has already taken steps to ensure this. All agenda session recordings and additional on-demand presentations are available for up to 60 days after the event on the conference platform, granting us access to revisit our favorite content and engage with sessions we were unable to attend in real-time.

Even once those 60 days are over, the lessons provided by POCUS World and the discussions that it sparked will continue to propel us in our work. This innovative, global event paved the path for further advancement and implementation of achieving higher standards of care using POCUS around the world.

“My hope is that participants were able to take new lessons and incorporate them into their practice,” said POCUS Assessment Specialist Alex Mehlhaff. “I also hope they get to see the value and impact ultrasound is and will continue to have on the global health community.”

Take the next step in your POCUS journey. Earn your POCUS Certificates here.

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