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Kaiser Permanente Staff: Save on Quality Point-of-Care Ultrasound Education and Certification Packages

Kaiser Permanente is known for its innovation in providing efficient, high-quality medical care across its growing network. Now Kaiser staff can further advance and help their patients thrive through affordable Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) education and certification solutions.

Whether they’re employed during regular checkups or emergency room visits, POCUS devices are leading a major wave of diagnostic advancement.

That’s why we are committed to providing Kaiser Permanente staff access to affordable POCUS education and certification. Whether you’re certifying 20 practitioners or 200, the nonprofit POCUS Certification Academy offers a variety of flexible solutions.

Check out the benefits of POCUS certification and implementation below:

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Reduce Risk

Having credentialed healthcare specialists on staff is a valuable tool to minimize risk to your organization while increasing patient safety and reducing costly medical errors.

Increase Revenue

By reducing the need for expensive high-resolution imaging, your healthcare practitioners can use portable ultrasounds help to keep costs low while delivering enormous value.

Improve Outcomes

Without the need to run blood tests before requesting a formal ultrasound, healthcare practitioners that are POCUS-certified can get the live-saving insight they need in minutes, not hours.

Conserve Resources

Healthcare organizations everywhere are struggling to meet the demands of a modern society, but POCUS-certified practitioners can lessen the burden by deploying easy-to-operate portable ultrasound.

Kaiser Permanente Package Pricing

POCUS Fundamentals Certificate*
$125.00 each

Individual Clinical POCUS Certificates
$150.00 each

Kaiser Permanente Package Pricing
Save big when you purchase certification packages!

10-20 enrollments = 10% discount
21-50 enrollments = 15% discount
51-100 enrollments = 20% discount
101+ enrollments = 25% discount

Ready to take the first step towards a POCUS-certified workplace?

Fill out the form to schedule your free consultation or email us at POCUS@inteleos.org.

To better patient care,

The POCUS Certification Academy Team


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