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Happy National Technology Day!

Breakthroughs are the force that pushes our technological revolutions forward. When one occurs in the medical field, rapid growth follows right behind—emerging leaders who refine and perfect the new technology that has broken through the barriers that once inhibited progress.

Without this push for better technology and better solutions, the problems that we encounter as medical providers would see no resolution. Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has emerged as one of the leading medical breakthroughs of the 21st century, providing greater access to imaging technology and better patient care.

To celebrate National Technology Day (January 6th), we want to share the growth we have witnessed around POCUS in 2019.

Thanks to the dawn of the computer age, the medical field has experienced a technological evolution like never before. POCUS is one of the hallmarks of this unfolding history. The major manufacturers that have accelerated this movement are Fujifilm SonoSite™, Butterfly Network, Inc.™, GE Healthcare™, Phillips™, Toshiba™, and Siemens™.

In the time following the POCUS breakthrough, we’ve watched these companies in their relentless pursuit of refining and perfecting this remarkable device. Fujifilm SonoSite was the first principal player to be enlisted by the United States government to develop— what we now know as POCUS—for military purposes. SonoSite™ continues to stand out as a leader in the field. In September 2019, they announced an exciting new partnership with the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AI2) Incubator. This partnership will develop deep learning models powered by AI technology to be used in their portable ultrasound products. The A12 Incubator will improve POCUS technology, allowing for better analyses and interpretation of images, leading to more accurate use of the tool. [1]

Questionable image quality has been one of the criticisms of POCUS when compared with images rendered by traditional ultrasound equipment. This collaboration will help to resolve the issue by expanding the capacity of algorithms the AI references to evaluate each image. In other words, AI will increase the brainpower of POCUS, enhancing the computer’s knowledge to work more efficiently.

Another leader of innovation within POCUS has been a Butterfly Network, Inc. Inspired by his personal experience with his daughter’s diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis, Dr. Jonathan Rothberg led his company to develop the Butterfly iQ™. It was the first whole body, portable ultrasound machine using only one probe. They were also the first to make POCUS compatible with the iPhone, allowing it to receive ultrasound images. In October of 2019, Butterfly Network, Inc. announced the launch of its new suite of enterprise tools, streamlining the ability to upload image documentation directly from an iPhone to the EMR system. With this new bundle of products, they hope to simplify physicians’ administrative workloads by centralizing data and adding convenience and ease to the POCUS process. The Butterfly Enterprise system can easily integrate with existing systems of any medical practice, adding an incentive to incorporate this device into all fields of patient care. [2]

Technology breakthroughs have been the catalyst for improving our global healthcare system for decades. These advances address the complexities that often bog down our ability to deliver excellent health care. The Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Academy™ is invigorated by these new developments in POCUS technology. That is why we pledge to continue to advance and develop the best training and certification programs we can offer the medical industry.

As POCUS technology continues to throttle full speed ahead, we know that proper educational courses are imperative. It ensures that this groundbreaking device proceeds in having such a positive effect on patient care.

We share in the excitement and are dedicated to remaining a part of the POCUS revolution.

Happy National Technology Day!


[2] https://www.butterflynetwork.com/press-releases/enterprise-announcement

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